Helping Hands Project


We aim to serve and support schools, not only through taking assemblies and leading activities, but with the help of local Christians, actively supporting them in practical ways. The aim of the Helping Hands Project is to do just this.

The Project started in September 2010 and since then the local Christian community has been able to practically support local schools in a diverse number of ways, including:

  • Collecting 2ltr bottles for Chiltern Gate School to help them to build a Green House.
  • Collecting supermarket vouchers.
  • Baking cakes and biscuits for the staff of a local school.
  • Supplying end-of-line ‘decorative’ envelopes to over 6 schools.
  • Involvement in BEBP Mentoring Scheme that aims for those in business to support projects run in a number of Secondary Schools.
  • Collecting items for the Money for Schools Scheme.