We are aware that education can be challenging for some children and young people.  Not because of their ability, but due to one or more barriers that are hindering them from effectively engaging in their learning.  These barriers can be rooted in their wider life, through circumstance, situations and relationships which the child is facing.  If they are not overcome, it can hinder the child or young person in their current, and future, Grow & Showeducation and throughout their lives.

As a Christian Charity, we believe that God wants every person to be able to live life to the full and so are currently offering mentoring to both Primary and Secondary Schools.  The Mentors are from the Wycombe Team, who have experience of Children’s and Youth Work, have received training and are fully DBS checked.

In Primary Schools we offer a Mentoring Scheme called ‘Grow & Show’.  The course aims to support children so they can actively engage with their education by growing in their own identity, confidence and by developing life-skills.  This will enable them, both now and in the future, to have many more opportunities in life open to them.  The mentoring explores topics such as friendship, joy, kindness, patience and self-control (based on the Fruits of the Spirit) and ‘Grow & Show’ has weekly sessions, running between 30-40 minutes during school hours (with the timing agreed by the school to avoid core subjects) and will run for ten consecutive weeks.  Throughout the sessions the Wycombe YFC mentors work and liaise with the child’s teacher and the school support team to ensure that the support offered is relevant and effective.


“The approach and delivery of this program from the beginning has been very good.  The children are all very excite to go out and take part and seem to have a sense that what they are doing will help them as they move forward in their future.  We have seen evidence of what the children are working on, being transferred into class and other situations and all the children have been excited to talk to their class teachers about what they have been working on.”

(a school’s Special Educational Needs Coordinator on the Grow and Show course)