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CU Leadership Support

We know how important CU’s are, as well as the challenges that are faced in leading them.  We really want to see existing CU’s continue to flourish, and the growth of new CU’s, as schools return to normal over the coming months.  You may already be thinking about this, or it may be something that is further down your list of priorities at the moment.  

However, we’d like to help!  We are planning an online network of CU Leaders, to dream big for the future, to learn and grow together, and create opportunity for support and increasing prayer for you and your CU’s. 

So, how can you help?  We want these sessions to be really helpful for you, and a place where you would want to be!  So, we’d really like to hear from you about what you think would help you and your CU.  Click on the button below and send us your feedback. 

Christian Union’s (CU’s) are a great place for Christian young people to meet, encourage each other, pray together, and explore faith with others.  We are keen to support, encourage and equip school Christian Unions and here you will find information about local school Christian Unions and a Christian Union Leaders Resource that contains information about how to run a CU in your school.

If there is any way that we can help and support you and your school CU (for example, speaking at your CU, give specific support, advertise your CU or an upcoming event, pray for you), or if you have any questions and want to know more, please do get in contact with us.  You can email us using the link below.


To help support you and your Christian Union, we are offering a free copy of the book ‘Genuine: Becoming a Real Teenager’. It explores how teenagers can transform the world (rather than conform to it) by looking at six teenagers in the Bible and how God helped them to success.

CU Leaders Resources (transparent)

New or Existing CU Leader?

Leading a Christian Union is an amazing role, but it also has a number of challenges.  

Our hope is to support upcoming and new leaders on this role and help them reflect on a number of different areas that will help them to lead a God-centered and fruitful Christian Union. 

CU Leaders Resources (transparent)

CU Session Resources

There are many resources around for use within a CU – and you can always plan your own session too!

In case you need a helping hand, or a last minute session, we can help!  We’ve got a selection of sessions available based on our Vitalise video series.  Why not take a look?

Vitalise (Transparent)

Vitalise is a video resource for young people who want to explore and reflect on The Bible.  It is designed to encourage young people in their faith and journey with Jesus.


Re:Charge are events that aim to encourage Christian young people from across the area in their faith.  

Events are run in partnership with local churches and their Youth Leaders.

Want to know if there is a Christian Union running in your school?