Christmas Unwrapped

Welcome to Christmas Unwrapped

Ever wondered how long it takes people to plan Christmas?  Or what the first Christmas might have really been like?  Who were the shepherds?  Why did Mary and Joseph travel to Bethlehem?  Did Jesus not cry, like it says in the carol?

Well, we’re hoping to look at these questions (and more!)  and consider whether the first Christmas was really like the Christmas cards we send!

These resources are perfect for a school setting, whether a lesson or assembly, and at home with family and friends.  Sit back, relax and enjoy as we explore all things Christmas!   

Planning Christmas

How long does it take to plan Christmas?  Some people plan at the last minute; others plan weeks, months or even years before it happens!  Come and explore how much planning Alan does (!) and what planning God did for that very first Christmas.

The Very First Christmas

We see beautiful and peaceful images of the very first Christmas on the Christmas cards we send.  But is that what it really looked like?  Join us through fun and games to consider what the first Christmas would have looked like!

As part of this video, you will need to pause it on two occasions to watch the videos below.  We’ll tell you when to do it … !!

Video: © 2010 St. Paul’s Auckland

Video: © 2008 Igniter Media

Mary & Joseph

Mary & Joseph traveled from Nazareth to Bethlehem; it was all to do with identity.  Join us this session as we consider our own identity, and get to see some old school photos!  We’ll look at the journey Mary and Joseph made, and consider what makes own identity.

The Shepherds

The Bible says that God told the shepherds about Jesus’ birth.  But who were the shepherds?  What did God tell them?  In the video we play a game called ‘Taylor Swift or Lamentations?’ – how much will Alan know?!  We’ll also consider the best news we’ve ever had.  

The Wise Men

The Bible says a star guided Wise Men to Jesus.  But who were the Wise Men?  And we know they bought gifts – but they were really odd!  Were they useful? Helpful?  In the video, you’ll see Alan open his Christmas presents early – is he pleased?  We’ll also consider what are the best presents you’ve ever had.  


The Bible describes the events surrounding the birth of Jesus – that very first Christmas.  We know that Jesus’ birth was planned by God, but we take a little more time to consider who Jesus is.  We play a game of ‘Family Fortunes’, based on children’s descriptions of Jesus!  How well does Alan do?

What does Christmas
mean to you?

As we come to the end of Christmas, we consider what Christmas means to us.  We hear from other people about what Christmas means to them, and the activity sheet gives you opportunity to consider what it means to you.


We’ve watched a great Nativity, but if you want to see and hear the story of the first Christmas as it’s told in the Bible, take opportunity to watch the videos below.  

Video: © 2018 Cartoon Bible

Finally, if you ever wondered what it took to set up the scenery … here’s how it went ( if only it was this quick in real life!).

Our thanks to everyone who has been involved in the planning, preparations and filming of Christmas Unwrapped.

Have a very happy Christmas! 

Christmas Unwrapped Competition

The competition – to design a Christmas Card.  It’s that easy!  

Thank you to everyone who entered – the quality and creativity was awesome!  It was a difficult decision for the judges, but a winner has been chosen.  See see who is and, and to celebrate all the entries we received, take a look at the video.  Happy Christmas! 


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