Craft Activities

Here you’ll find a variety of craft activities.  They are not only great fun to make, but can also help with our mental health and well-being.  

Why not give them a go and see how create you can be!

Treasure Box

There can be many things that we want to keep safe and remember.  A Treasure Box is a great way of keeping all these precious things in one place.

It is also a wonderful way of remembering people or events, and can be a way of making us feel better if we are having a difficult day.

Stress Ball

Making a stress ball is great fun!  It can be great to have something to squish and squash, and it also makes a great ‘ball’ that can be used when playing games.

They are also a great way of managing anger, stress or fidgeting.  they help us to release our energy and emotions in a positive way.

Scented Crafts

Making a scented craft is great – you can use so many different things as your ‘smell’!

Different scents can also be used to help us relax when we are feeling strong emotions, like stress, anxiety or anger.

Memory Box or Book

Similar to a Treasure Box, there will be times where we want to remember a particular event or person.  A Memory Book is a great way of remembering someone and the memories that we may have of them.  

Now you have had a look at all the resources, and hopefully watched the videos and had a go at the activity sheets … we’d love to know what you think!

Why not tell us the things that have been helpful, what you have enjoyed, and if there is any way that we can make it even better!

If you want to send us a picture, we’ll try and include your comments on the website!