CU Leaders Resource

Come and explore a variety of topics that will help you reflect on the Christian Union in your school.  There are also testimonies from previous CU Leaders about their experiences.  

What is a CU?

What should a CU be?  Should every CU be the same?  Listen to the video and consider for yourself your own thoughts.


Where is the CU heading?  What is it that God has said to you? What passion has He put on your heart for your school and CU?  The answers will all shape the vision for the CU.


What makes a good leader?  Does the Bible have anything to say on leadership?  Listen to the video and consider your own leadership.


Does your CU pray together?  What are the areas in your school that you would like to see God start to change for the better?  Listen to the video and consider the impact of prayer on the CU and the school.

The Gospel

If a visitor came to the CU, what would they learn or experience about Jesus?  Sharing the Gospel is more than just words, our actions are just as important.  Listen to the video and consider how the CU can demonstrate the love of God and the Gospel through words and actions.

mission & events

Does your CU do any events?  Is there a good time to run one?  Listen to this video to hear some top tips on doing an event or mission, and consider what and when your one could be.

Acts of service

Is the CU a blessing to the school?  In what way does it serve your school?  Listen to the video and consider how the CU can share Jesus by serving their school.


How is the CU seen by others in the school?  Is there any difference between the CU or other social groups in the school?  Be challenged in this video to consider whether your lifestyle matches with the one Jesus wants for us.

Year 7, Sixth Form & staff

Does the CU have any members from Year 7 or the Sixth Form?  Is the CU made up of only those in Sixth Form?  Consider, and be challenged, as to how your CU can be a blessing to the whole school, not just those within the CU at the moment.

church support

Does your CU have a relationship with a church or Christian organisation?  Do you feel like the CU is supported by other Christians outside of the school?  Listen to the video to consider the importance of support from local churches and how to get them supporting and praying for you.


How do you get your information out about your CU?  Do you use posters that are attractive and informative?  Listen to the video to consider your advertising and hear some tips on how to get people to know about your Christian Union?


How would someone feel attending the Christian Union for the first time?  Is the atmosphere of the CU right?  Listen to the video to consider some of the practicalities of your CU meeting and how you could create an inviting atmosphere for your members and visitors.

Final thoughts

Listen to the final video in the series and join Darren as he prays for you and your Christian Union.

CU Leader Testimonies

Listen to Esther share her thoughts and experience of being a CU Leader in two schools.  It’s and honest and heart-felt reflection on her time as CU Leader, and the importance of prayer and stepping out of our comfort zones.  

Listen to Ant share his thoughts on the importance of vision for Christian Unions.  Ant led a school CU, and now leads a church!  You never know where God will lead you and use your experiences from being involved with, or leading a CU!    


If you have watched any of these videos, we’d love to know what you think!  Why not tell us the things that have been helpful, what you have enjoyed, and if there is any way that we can make it even better – and if you want, we’ll try and include your comments on the website!