Retelling the Events of Easter

The events of Easter are a mixture of jubilation and celebration, mixed with deep hurts and sorrows.  There are contrasts between the demonstration of friendship by the disciples (Jesus’ friends, expecially Judas) and the unconditional and overwhelming love of Jesus.  There is the complete reversal of feeling towards Jesus – woth crowds shouting and extolling Him as their Saviour; to crowds shouting for His execution less than a week later.  The events of Easter are a mixture of jubilation and celebration, mixed with deep hurts and sorrows.  

Take the time to hear with open and fresh eyes and ears to the events of Easter.  To wonder about the events – what it must have been like; what it must have felt like; what would you have heard or seen?; how would you react to the events around you, if you were there.  The story is retold over five videos (watched from left to right). 

The Background Context to Easter

Have you ever wondered about the historical, Biblical and spiritual context and significance to Easter?  Whether you have, or haven’t, the events of Easter are bought into clarity and deeper significance by looking at the ‘bigger picture’;  to look at what was the relationship between Israel and the occupying Roman Empire; to consider the prophetic expectations of Israel to a coming Saviour; to reflect on the historical basis for the Passover Meal and the new covenant that Jesus was making; to consider the importance of not only Jesus’ death, but His resurrection.   

Take the time to hear with open and fresh eyes and ears to the depth of revelation that hearing about the background and context gives to the events of Easter.  

Our thanks go to Rev. Steve Whitmore and Geoff Woolmore for their help and insight to these videos. 

Additional Resources

Below are a variety of other resources which you may find helpful and useful.  Please feel free to take a look!

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Video: © 2011 Cartoon Bible / Mark  McLean

This is a book written by the author Nick Page.  It journey’s through the events of the Easter week, giving historical, cultural and spiritual context.  Suitable for teenagers and adults who want to know more details and context for Easter.   

The Alpha Course is a renowned course that explores Christianity, including looking at Jesus, and one of its main goals is to provide opportunity to ask any question in a safe environment.  Many local churches run Alpha courses for adults, and we would recommend you seek one out, if you want to know more (click on the link below for details).  Some churches have run them for young people too, but if one isn’t running at the moment, you can watch the Youth Alpha videos produced them, using the link below.


The Bible Society has some great resources for children and families, all on the topic of Easter.  Many of their resources are free to use.  There is also a great retelling of the Easter story by the amazing storyteller Bob Hartman.  

Now you have had a look at all the resources, and hopefully watched the videos, we’d love to know what you think!

Why not tell us the things that have been helpful, what you have enjoyed, and if there is any way that we can make it even better!  We’ll even try and include your comments on the website!