Resilience: The importance of positive relationships

Part 3 in the series looking at Resilience.

How does our relationships with others help us to build resilience?

Our relationships with other people are an important part of developing resilience.  For example, if you are struggling to manage your emotions finding someone that you can talk to when you are feeling upset, anxious or angry can help you to not hold the feeling inside. 

Sometimes, you might feel the people in your life are the ones causing you to have negative emotions in the first place.  This may be the case, but recognising what has happened and how you feel, can help you to move on.

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Resilience: Managing our emotions

Part 2 in the series looking at Resilience.

You have begun the journey of building emotional resilience.  First of all we looked at the importance of building our lives, and therefore our resilience, upon firm foundations.  Our family, friends and other significant people in our lives can build up our resilience; but sometimes, even unintentionally, they can also have a negative impact upon us.  If we look at what God says about us in the Bible, it can help us to lay a solid foundation.

As we continue to build up these foundations lets take a look at some of the other ways, we can build up our resilience. 

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Resilience: Building our lives on firm foundations

Part 1 in the series looking at Resilience.

We will all face difficult and challenging times in our lives, this is definitely one thing that we can be certain of; but how we manage our emotions relating to these challenges and our reactions, has a lot to do with something called resilience.

So, what is resilience?

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