Refugee Support

Thank you for your interest about our support of Afghan refugees that have been arriving in the UK from August 2021.  This page will give you an overview of our work in this area, and information about how to get involved in supporting refugees.

We have been working with Ambulance Services 24 Ltd, who were giving medical support to refugees at some of the quarantine hotels, within an hour’s travel of Wycombe.  When refugees were first arriving, although medical needs are met, there were further immediate needs that families had.  Our aim was to meet the most immediate needs of children and families in quarantine hotels, where support was not readily available but was needed.  

We reviewed the project at the end of September 2021, regarding the need for the immediate and essential support that was required upon arrival and whilst in quarantine hotels.  As a result of the review, the infrastructure for supporting their ongoing needs, particularly from government, local councils, organisations and charities was deemed to be in a better position, with support and resources in place.  This infrastructure ensures that resources and support is available to refugees who are still arriving in the UK and those who are already here.  As a consequence, the need for our emergency support is no longer required and our project has come to an end.

During our project we delivered over 2,500 items to refugees in quarantine hotels.  This included baby supplies, toiletries, activity packs and games, clothing and shoes for children and young people.   

There is an ongoing need for support for refugees, but this is now most effectively done through charities and organisations that focus on this support.  If you wish to get involved or support refugees, you can either:

Contact one of the local Refugee Charities to offer support for those relocating in the local area.  Two local charities are Marlow Refugee Action (visit: and Wycombe Refugee Partnership (visit:  

Contact one of the national charities and organisations for supporting a nationwide effort to welcome refugees.  There are many charities working in this area; one example of which is Welcome Churches, who have a specific fund for Afghani refugees (visit:

Every donation that we give for refugees has a welcome card attached.  There is a message that is written in two local Afghani languages (Pashto and Dari), that not only welcomes the reader to the UK, but lets them know that people are praying for them in the name of Jesus. 

We have delivered our supplies to Ambulance Services 24 Ltd, who have direct contact with refugees and can understand the needs that refugees have.  Supplies that have be delivered include:

Baby Supplies: Nappies, Milk, Bottles, Teething Gel, Nappy Cream, Baby Growa

Children’s & Young People Supplies: Activity Packs, Toys & Games, Clothing, Shoes 

General Supplies: Toiletries