Free Resources

Here you will find a variety of resources to watch, download and complete for yourselves.  They are here to help and support children and young people to think about their life, emotions and situations they may be facing.

If you have any questions, please do get in contact with us at

School Transition

(10-11 year olds)

There are many feelings, emotions and thoughts as you consider moving school – especially when you are moving to a secondary school.  Come and explore your feelings, thoughts and learn new skills that will help you in this transition, through a series of 9 sessions.

PHSE / RE Lessons

(8-11 year olds)

We have been asked to create a series of lessons suitable for KS2, that explore a series of social-emotional issues.  Each of the lessons contain videos, worksheets and a lesson plan for teachers.  

If you have any topics that you would like us to consider producing, please get in touch with us. 

Assembly Resources

(5-11 year olds)

These resources have been made with primary school assemblies in mind.  Through the video assemblies, children will have opportunity to reflect on a variety of topics, how this may relate to their life, and have fun through the games, quizzes and activities too!  Use them either as class-based or whole school assemblies, or in any other way that may be beneficial to you. 

Supporting Mental Health & Wellbeing

(9-18 year olds)

What do we mean when we say mental health? What does wellbeing mean?  It all relates to our state of mind – what we think and feel.  Mental health relates to our ability to cope with life – with events, situations and the stresses that we encounter.  

Our Character

(7-13 year olds)

Character is all about what we are like.  It all starts with what we think, and this influences what we say and do.  Come and explore your character over a series of 10 sessions.


(11-18 year olds)

Life has many ups and downs.  How can we make sure we have the skills, knowledge and understanding to be in the best position to not just get through the tough times, but to thrive?  Come and explore different skills through a series of 10 sessions.

The Gospel according to Shrek

(4-12 year olds)

A series of 5 sessions based on the movie Shrek, exploring Bible stories to help us reflect upon our own life.

Christmas Unwrapped

(5-11 year olds)

A crackin’, fun-filled Christmas experience!  Through a video series, Christmas is unwrapped in all its glory.  Looking at Christmas preparations, the events of the first Christmas and exploring themes, such as identity.  This series is suitable for use in schools (including assembly times) and at home.  There are activity sheets and a competition to enter too!      

Who is Jesus?

(5-11 year olds)

These resources have been made with primary schools in mind, and can be used during assemblies,  lessons  or just for fun!   Through the video assemblies, children will have opportunity to reflect on who Jesus is as seen through His words and actions (according to The Bible), and how this may relate to their life.  We have fun through the games, quizzes and activities, and each of the 9 topics includes a video (approx. 15 minutes), activity sheets and a further video retelling the Bible story. 


(7-18 year olds)

The Easter story if full of highs and lows, and the events have a deep spiritual, cultural and historical significance.  If you’d like to explore the events of Easter, alongside the significance, then come and take a look at these video resources and recommendations for exploring further.  These resources are suitable for use in a school, church and home setting.   

The Zone @ Home

(7-11 year olds)

The Zone Club is an after-school club we run in a number of primary schools in the area.  But, we wanted to make this available to everyone!  So, click on button below to access our latest sessions, which include videos, craft and opportunity to explore Bible stories!

Year 7 Transition

(11-12 year olds)

The move from primary to secondary school can be a great move for many, but can also be challenging too.  We recognise the importance of supporting this move and have created a variety of resources for Year 7 students and teaching staff.  

jo-szczepanska-9OKGEVJiTKk-unsplash (free use)

Craft Activites

(5+ year olds)

A variety of craft activities that are not just fun to make, but are also a great resource for supporting mental health and well-being

Reflections & Thoughts

Have you ever just stopped and thought about life?  How you’re feeling?  What you’re thinking?  Things you are experiencing?

Well, you are not alone.

Why not check out our blog page?  It reflects on life, alongside exploring The Bible and what Jesus may say into situations.  

Now you have had a look at all the resources, and hopefully watched the videos and had a go at the activity sheets … we’d love to know what you think!

Why not tell us the things that have been helpful, what you have enjoyed, and if there is any way that we can make it even better!  You never know, your feedback may get featured on our website!

External Resources

Below are further resources, from other organisations and charities, that may be of interest and help and interest to you.   

Mind: National organisation website that has advice and support surrounding mental health and wellbeing.

Scripture Union: 

INspire: A brand new resource of daily videos to help inspire children and young people with The Bible.

Mental Health & Well being: Resources to help you engage children and young people in supportive and helpful conversation around the challenges that a child or young person may be facing.

Parenting for Faith
Every family and situation is different. These five Key Tools will get you started, finding the best way for you to parent for faith in your family.


British YFC: If you are a family who might usually go to church and are starting to explore new ways of sharing faith within the home or you’re a family that would like to start this for the first time, whatever your family looks like, here are resources to help and support you.