School Transition

Enjoy using the resources to help support the move to secondary school.  

At the bottom of the page, you will find the link to request your copy of ‘It’s Your Move!’ to help and support you, or your child, further.

Your Journey So Far

Before we look ahead to your move to Secondary School, let’s look back.  You may have been at school since you were 4 years old.  You will have many memories of friends, teachers, activities and events.  And that’s before you think about your home and family life!

Use these resources to help you consider what memories you have from the last 10 or 11 years.

New Possibilities

Does thinking about your move to secondary school worry or excite you? There are lots of different emotions that you might feel as you think about moving to secondary school, and that’s okay!

Use these resources to help you explore these feelings – to consider the worries you have and the new challenges you are looking forward to!


What ingredients do you think make a good friendship? What questions could you ask that will help you start a conversation with someone at your new school? It could lead to an amazing friendship!

Use these resources to help you explore your views on friendships.

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Being bullied at a new school is one of the top worries of many children.  It may be one of your worries.  Do you know what ‘bullying’ behaviour is, and what to do about it?

Use these resources to help you consider what you can do to help yourself and others, should you ever see or experience bullying behaviour.

Travelling by Bus

When we think about secondary school, there will be many things that might be different from primary school.  One of these changes, might be the way in which you get to school.  Perhaps you will have to start getting the bus to school.

 Use these resources to help you think about the bus journey you will take and practice using a bus timetable.

School Timetables

When you move to secondary school, you will be given a timetable.  This will show you lots of useful information, including the lessons you have and where in the school building they will be held.

Use these resources to have a go at reading and using an example timetable.

Finding Your Way Around School

When you begin secondary school, your lessons will take place in different classrooms and you will have to make your way between them.  You should be given a map to help you find your way around the school.

Use these resources to help you practice your skills in map reading and giving directions.

Balancing School and Life

You might have lots of different commitments that will fill up your time.  Sometimes these might happen at the same time and you have to choose between them.  The choices that we make will all have consequences and at Secondary School there will be lots of choices (and consequences)!

Use these resources to help you think about how you might manage the school and personal commitments you have.

Be Yourself!

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Over the last few sessions, we have taken some time to consider the emotions you might be experiencing and some different skills that might help you.  The most important advice that we would love to encourage you with as you move to secondary school, is to be yourself!  You are amazing, special and unique!  You have important skills and talents! 

Use these resources to help you consider, what makes you, you – and then be proud of these things as you move to secondary school.

You can also watch the video about Daniel to find out more about him.  This is a retelling of a story from the Bible. 

Free Book Resource

Moving to Secondary School is a really important part of growing up, and you, or your child, may be feeling many different emotions and feelings.  In order to help and support you further, we are pleased to be able to offer you the opportunity to receive a free copy of the Scripture Union Book ‘It’s Your Move!’.  (Please be aware, numbers are limited.)

Now you have had a look at all the resources, and hopefully watched the videos and had a go at the activity sheets … we’d love to know what you think!

Why not tell us the things that have been helpful, what you have enjoyed, and if there is any way that we can make it even better!

If you’re already in secondary school and you have advice for any Year 6’s, send it to us and we’ll try and include your comments on the website!   

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