Schools Ministry

We aim to provide and facilitate Christian and community input to the learning experience of children and young people in schools.  Our involvement is tailored to the needs of each school.  

We have a wide range of experience, and regularly lead assemblies, RE & PHSE lessons, mentoring, School Transition sessions, workshops and clubs in both Primary and Secondary Schools.

Over the last 35 years, we have developed strong partnerships  with schools; this alongside positive relationships with pupils and staff, is a core value for us.

Activities we offer

The following are a variety of activities, services and support that we offer to schools.  Our support is accessible for all children and young people, regardless of faith, culture, background or circumstance.  This is not an exhaustive list, and we seek to support schools based on individual needs and requests.  Any and all our support offered to schools is free of charge.  

Please do not hesitate to get in contact with us if you would like to explore how we can support you and your school.  



We lead assemblies across both primary and secondary schools.  They are interactive and enable students to consider their own lives, how they connect to the wider community, and promote spiritual, moral and cultural development.



Our mentoring support aims to support students who are facing difficulties.  We seek to come alongside, offer support and advice, and enable students to grow in their identity, confidence and development of life-skills and resilience.  

We offer mentoring to primary and secondary schools; the structures include small group, 1:1 and informal lunch-time groups.  Session topics are tailor-made to the specific needs of the students.

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We run lunchtime and after-school clubs in primary and secondary schools.  These are interactive clubs, and through the activities enable students to have fun, explore life and build friendships with their peers.

Some of our clubs are linked to our mentoring support, and focus on social and emotional topics.


school transition

The transition between primary and secondary school brings a range of emotions for Year 6 students.

We offer lessons and mentoring support to schools, that explore the social and emotional elements of this change, and help develop practical skills that will be of benefit in Year 7.  Each student receives a free book that supports their move to secondary school.


Christmas & Easter workshops

These sessions are predominantly run for Year 5 or 6 students.  Through these fun and interactive sessions, students have opportunity to consider these festivals, reflect on their own thoughts and experiences, and understand the meaning and significance for Christians and the Christian faith.

These workshops are normally held in a church within walking distance of the school, and last 90 minutes.  

ADHD parenting course photo 1

family support

Children and young people do not grow up in isolation – they are influenced by their relationships with others, and most significantly by their families.

We run parenting courses developed by Care for the Family (a national charity) which seeks to support parents and guardians.  It gives opportunity to talk with, and seek support from other parents and develop friendships within the community.  


We have a variety of free resources available on our website, which is being updated on a regular basis.  We are also interested in getting your feedback on these, and hearing if there are any bespoke resources that we can create for you and your school.   

We created bespoke lessons for a local school, and the feedback we received was ‘I am so very grateful to you for the huge effort you have put into these sessions. They are so professional and great fun. I am in awe of your talents. Thank you so much. The children will really love these and get so much from them.’

To see all our free online resources, click the link below.



 We have been very fortunate as a school over the last term to benefit from the ‘Grow and Show’ mentoring program … I cannot recommend this program enough or explain how truly beneficial it has been for the children … The children are all very excited to go out and take part and seem to have a sense that what they are doing will help them as they move forward in their future. We have seen evidence of what the children are working on being transferred into class and other situations and all the children have been excited to talk to their class teachers about what they have been working on.  With support of this nature being rare we are very grateful to be taking part … ‘ (SENCO, Primary School)

christmas & Easter workshops

‘I thought the children really enjoyed this session and have taken a lot from it. It was a fun way for them to have some religious education. [I liked] the energy and thought it was well pitched at children’s level.’
(Member of Teaching Staff)