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The Zone @ Home

This is our online club for children, aimed at those aged 7-11 years old.  Each series is a collection of sessions on a theme. Click on a series to find out more!

We hope you enjoy!

Series 4: The Life of Jesus - According to Luke

In this fourth series we are exploring the book ‘Diary of a Disciple: Luke’s Story’ written by Gemma Willis and published by Scripture Union.  The book is a modern retelling of the gospel of Luke found in the Bible, and shares about the life of Jesus from the perspective of Luke – one of Jesus’ closest friends.  We will be exploring each chapter and considering how it might apply to our lives.

For each chapter you will find a set of activity sheets with questions, quizzes, challenges and reflections to allow you to explore what has been read!  You will also find a resource called ‘Explore Together’; this contains some ideas that you could use together as a family to reflect on the messages contained throughout this amazing book!

To best use this resource, you will need a copy of the book ‘Diary of a Disciple: Luke’s Story’.  If you registered for The Zone @ Home, then you will have received a copy in your activity pack.  If you don’t have a copy of the book and would like one then you purchase it locally through St. Andrew’s Bookshop.  Visit:  


Series 3: Jesus our ...

In this third series, we are exploring how Jesus is our …

Way-Maker: Why we follow Him and how we trust Him on our journey through life.
Miracle-Worker: Wy He did amazing things here on earth and how we can do amazing things for Him.
Promise-Keeper: Why He keeps His promises to those who follow Him and how we can trust Him.
 Light-in-the-Darkness: Why He came to bring light in the darkness and how we can shine for Him.

We’d love you to join us on this journey by clicking on the link below to access all the resources.  (There is also a great song called ‘Way-Maker’ that sums up all of the above!  You can listen to it by going to:


Series 2: Developing a Relationship with God

In this second series, we explore how we can grow and strengthen our relationship with God.  The sessions explore worship, The Bible and prayer – and takes time to look more closely at The Lord’s Prayer (the prayer that Jesus taught). 

Series 1: The Bible - Psalms

In this first series, over 6 sessions we explore the book called Psalms in The Bible.  The Psalms are a collection of poems that were written about many different thoughts and feelings.  Across the sessions we shall be exploring our who God is and what this means for us. 

Now you have had a look at all the resources, and hopefully watched the videos and had a go at the activity sheets … we’d love to know what you think!

Why not tell us the things that have been helpful, what you have enjoyed, and if there is any way that we can make it even better!  We’ll even try and include your comments on the website!