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We have a fingerprint no-one else has, to make an imprint that no-one else can.

This is a Youth Group that meets for up to 10 sessions, that together looks to explore our identity in Jesus and what this means for our lives today so that we can ‘make our mark’.

Vitalise is a video resource for young people who want to explore and reflect on The Bible.  It is designed to encourage young people in their faith and journey with Jesus.

Encounter Worship Events

Our heart is to see young people encounter the living Jesus, and in December 2021 we are launching Encounter Worship.  We are providing a regular opportunity for young people (in School Years 7-13) to join together in worship and to encounter Him.    Over the evening there will be time to ‘hang out’, chat with others, build friendships, worship Jesus, encourage one another and pray together.

As part of this new venture, we are keen for young people to be able to experience and take on leadership roles in a variety of capacities, including worship, speaking, tech and many other area.  If you are interested in getting involved please get in contact with Rebecca at 

CUNet Logo (Transparent)

School Christian Unions are a great place for encouragement, discipleship and outreach.  

We have a variety of resources available for CU’s and those who are involved in them.  We also have details of CU’s from across the area.

Life has many ups and downs.  How can we make sure we have the skills, knowledge and understanding to be in the best position to not just get through the tough times, but to thrive?  Come and explore different skills through a series of 10 sessions.  

Life isn’t always easy.  We can all find situations, emotions and events challenging or overwhelming.  Our mentoring support enables us to come alongside children and young people, offering support and advice; enabling them to grow in identity, confidence and development of life skills and resilience.

Have you ever just stopped and thought about life?  How you’re feeling?  What you’re thinking?  Things you are experiencing?  Well, you are not alone.  Why not check out our blog page?  It reflects on life, alongside exploring The Bible and what Jesus may say into situations.  

Are you looking for a Church?

If you are looking for support in exploring faith further, or would like support in any way, then please do connect with your local church.   If you don’t know who to contact, then either get in touch with us, or one of the churches listed below.  We will all do our best to help you in any way that we can.